Premium First Aid

Rapid Deployment 

Shaman IFAK

IFAK Bifold and Pouch, made with IR blocking Squadron material. Trusted by Professionals around the world.

Weavable Molle

The Shaman IFAK is ANR Design’s premium individual first aid kit and rapid deployment bag. The contents of the Shaman IFAK bag have been assembled by North American Rescue. The Shaman IFAK bifold and pouch comes with the ANR Design IFAK contents in a separate vacuum-sealed factory bag. For assembly instructions, please see the end of the picture roll. The back of the Shaman IFAK pouch has both weavable Molle-through-Squadron, as well as, 1.75″ thread-through belt loops.

One Hand Manipulation

Removal of the Shaman IFAK bifold from the pouch, when on the belt, is very simple. Unbuckle the pouch from with an available hand, and LIFT the front facing flap. Next, run the TOP of your hand down your back, so your palm is facing outward. Break the hook and loop Velcro apart between the pouch attached to the belt, and the velcro on the bifold. Use the secured tourniquet in the sleeve as a handle to remove the bifold sleeve from the IFAK pouch

Topped with elastic TQ Holder

The Shaman IFAK bifold and pouch is made from grommeted Squadron IR blocking material. The buckles themselves have also been treated for IR blocking. We decided to omit any First Aid Cross on the IFAK bifold and pouch; so there is no reflective material on the bifold and pouch itself. The bifold is topped with an elastic tourniquet sleeve. We believed that the presence of the tourniquet was enough to denote the contents of the pouch as an IFAK.

All The Essentials

Berry Compliant, USA Made