Integrated Co-Witness


The user can adjust elevation to be point of aim, point of impact for subsonic rounds while still running the red dot for super sonic and vice versa


Mounts are constructed from 6061 aluminum with a type 3 hard coat

Emergency BUIS

ANVL UKON mounts are an emergency backup iron sight system. These were designed as a military requirement to fulfill the backup iron sight requirement while keeping rail space open for the operator.

NSN approved mounts

UKON RMR, UKON T2 1.93, Mjolonir


Mounts currently available for T2, DPP,RMR, Romeo 4T, ACRO, 1.93 T2, 509TX2, AEMS

True Zero

This optic Mount system relies on true mechanical zero between the optic Mount, Rail and Barrel to have accurate windage

Front Sight Post

UKON's utilize a standard type AR-15 adjustable front sight post



The Mjölnir Riser, a Picatinny riser, is a modular riser that has the ability to change to two different heights, 2.26″ and 1.93″ for XPS height optics, and a 2.24″ optical centerline for “low-thirds” optics.


Designed to be compatible with Unity FAST™ LTC Magnifier Mount with EOTech EXPS®, and EOTech XPS® with their respective inserts installed, or removed.


The Mjölnir Riser optical centerline may vary depending on the mounting option of the optic being used. It was designed to have an optical centerline of 2.26″ for absolute-witness optics like the EoTech XPS®


Material: 7075-T6 Aluminum Coating: Type III Hardcoat Anodized Mounting Style: Cleated Picatinny Clamp