the ultimate low visibility bag designed to meet the demands of modern-day operators

the ARK-K transcends the realm of a mere backpack; it emerges as a versatile and indispensable companion for military and civilians

At the heart of its ingenuity lies our innovative Tegris panel, a game-changer in modularity. Our Tegris panel is equipped to accommodate Molle, BladeTech direct mounting, and shock cord, via our UFO MOLLE pattern. The bag’s front and rear are fully padded, providing optimal protection for your gear and equipment during rugged use.


The ARK-K seamlessly transitions from a standard two-strap backpack to a single-strap sling bag, offering convenient carry options that cater to your preference and movement. Safety and preparedness are paramount, which is why the bag includes a dedicated armor pocket for armor plates that will be made available at a later date.


The shotgun sling has an integral section of accordion elastic, shrouded by nylon webbing, ending in 1″ webbing tail with an attached QD. The 1″ nylon webbing is purposely long so the end user can set the desired length on the QD, and cut away the excess 1″ nylon webbing.


In the constantly evolving landscape of modern warfare, the imperative for adaptability and discretion looms large. The ARK-K, a meticulously designed backpack for low visibility applications, emerges as a paragon of innovation, offering an unparalleled array of capabilities to ensure operational success. Each feature is meticulously crafted to meet the diverse needs of personnel in the field, presenting a discreet and dependable solution for carrying various mission essential items.